About Me

About Me

Hello, Everyone!

Finally, my website is up after long years of planning! This website is only a window into my world and obsessions. So, feel free to take a peek and let me know whether we have something in common!

Things that interest me are e-Learning, stories, science, anthropological insights, books reviews, and cooking. I try to delve into everything and I’m merely a passionately and obsessively curious individual, like anybody is.

“What are you and what’d you want to be?”

I practically ask myself that every day and I have identified myself as a “writer”. But, every so often I think I am an anthropologist at heart and that writing is just a tool to document my emic and emit perspectives, as objective as possible. I’m also a big fan of stories that are told well, irrespective of the genre it belongs to. I wrote my first short story when I was nine years old, using all the larger-than-life characters in one story, such as Servo (remember Super-human Samurai Sybersquad?), Mayavi, Captain Vyom, Phantom, and Batman. That’s MCU – Murali Cinematic Universe :-). I still recall that I wasn’t allowed to switch from pencil to fountain pen at that age, but I was already a writer!

Listing some of my endeavours that gave me a great sense of satisfaction, in the recent past:

  • Experienced Instructional Designer, Technical Writer and Translator
  • Subtitled for an International award winning Tamil feature film “Endless” and the latest super-hit “Sillu Karuppatti”
  • Translated and live-subtitled for the play “Avvai” written by Poet Inquilab and staged by A.Mangai – a renowned academician, translator, and director
  • Written “Venba” poems for the Tamil film titled Pizza 2 – The Villa
That’s enough for now, I guess! Really appreciate taking time to read this self-serving piece. 🙂
Please drop a comment if you like anything I write! Cheers!

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